Humane Society of Bay Co. Welcomes Rescues

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The Humane Society of Bay County has just received 3-neglected dogs from Tallahassee.

They're taking-in the animals at the request of the Humane Society of the United States.

It's all part of a rescue mission that has Humane Society chapters all over Florida stepping up to help.

This isn't the first time the Humane Society of Bay County has received a call about neglected animals.

Humane Society of Bay County Director Starla Raiborn says, "We quite frequently get calls about animals who've been abused, neglected, situations in which there are too many animals in the home and placement needs to be made pretty quickly.

Thursday afternoon, the National Organization called the local chapter asking for assistance.

In this case it's 3-dogs, Blue, Buff, and Bernie.

Buff spent the afternoon getting bathed, and volunteers say this could be his first shower ever.

Blue was combed for fleas.

And Bernie had several of his injuries treated.

Volunteers are struggling to figure out just how old they are.

Raiborn says, "Hard to tell based on their teeth what they're age is. They're teeth are really, really worn down probably from anxiety, chewing rocks, that sort of thing."

Both Blue and Buff will be ready for adoption in just a day or two.

Bernie is currently in quarantine until his injuries completely heal.

Unfortunately these 3 dogs aren't the only victims.

Several other Florida Humane Society chapters will also be lending a hand.

Raiborn says, "We've taken in three animals here, and there are a lot more animals that have already been placed and potentially more that will need to be placed later on."

Authorities are not releasing too many details on this particular animal abuse case because of on-going negotiations with the owner.

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