Hundreds Show Up for "A Hand Up"

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Hundreds of families lined up outside the Central Panhandle Fairgrounds Saturday morning for the grand opening of A Hand Up.

The organization gave away clothes, personal hygiene items, and 30,000 pounds of food, from meat to milk and eggs and vegetables.

"A lot of times there's a lot more month than people have resources," said Jeanette Best, co-founder of A Hand Up. "We're here to help fill that gap and to give the people of God a hand up."

For people like Linda Robinson, groups like this are an incredible help in a time of need.

"If you don't have any food and they give you food, that impacts a whole lot because you know you have something to give to your kids," Robinson said.

Officials say in the first hour over 200 families had lined up at the fairgrounds and that the boxes of food were enough to feed a family for a week.

"It's just great, high quality foods that you would go to Walmart, Publix or Sam's to purchase," said Best.

And for Robinson, there's only one way to describe how she feels, "Blessed...very blessed."

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