Hundreds of Books Donated to 3 Bay County Elementary Schools

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Several brown boxes brought to Hutchison Beach Elementary Wednesday contained something every teacher needs in their classroom for their students.

One by one teachers opened up the boxes to find hundreds of books.

"I was shocked. I had no idea. He just showed up to my classroom with all these books and I was so thankful and i was excited and i'm sure my kids will be too," said Kasen Hicks, a Kindergarten teacher.

Charlie Thompson organized the program for Hutchison Beach Elementary and two other local schools

"If I see a need some place and I have the ability to do something, I guess I just do it," said Charlie Thompson, a Bay County resident.

Beach Elementary was damaged by two flooding incidents this summer. The media center took a major hit, losing dozens of books.

That's where thompson comes in. A friend of his works for a Minnesota publishing company, Capstone, so Thompson asked if the company could donate several boxes of books.

The friend was all for the idea.

"It's providing that little bit of help that these children need. First off, they've got to learn how to read. If they're going to make it in life, if you know how to read, it's going to make school a lot more enjoyable," said Thompson.

This means the teachers can fill their bookshelves and continue teaching kids how to read.

"Some people have donated some to my classroom this year, but now that we have more donated, it's going to be a lot better teaching the kids how to read now that we have some books," said Hicks.

Thompson says he'd like to continue the program again next year. He also donated books to Oakland Terrace and Oscar Patterson.

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