Hundreds of Fake IDs Confiscated During Spring Break

Students spending their Spring Break on Panama City Beach sometimes think they can get away with a little underage partying.
Hundreds of them have found out differently and have spent part of their vacation under arrest.
Many of them for under age drinking and trying to use a fake ID.
Close to 650 Spring Breakers were arrested last week alone, and officials say they expect hundreds more this week.
Pat Robinson works as a bouncer at Newby's, and said under age breakers are always trying to get inside.
"We see a lot of fake IDs all year round,” said Robinson. “We try to limit it and try to do a good job of it. But they still find a way to find somebody that's old enough to buy it for them."
Robinson takes his job seriously, confiscating fake ids he comes across and turning people away.
"Most of the time we give them to the agents that come into town, to try and regulate all the underage drinking," Robinson said.
Agents, like Captain Rodney Tilley, who has been working Spring Break for more than 20 years.
They have already collect two boxes full of fake IDs.
"a lot of them are destroyed later on,” said Tilley. “we use them for training also."
He said as long as the breakers try to get away with breaking the law you can expect more arrests.
"We're not trying to make big numbers,” said Tilley. “We just want to focus on safety issues, making sure these kids have a good time and are able to go home to their parents."
The ABT also works under age details in places that serve alcohol, if an employee or owner is caught selling to someone under 21, they can face up to a $1,000 fine or a suspension period.