Nearly 200 Spring Breakers Booked in Bay County Jail

BAYOU GEORGE- Bay County Jail officials say they've booked 192 people into the jail since March 6th.

Police bring van-loads of suspects into this garage, then to the intake area, where they're searched.

Corrections officers take all their property, including cell phone and wallet.

Everything gets cataloged, including money.

Then officers search the suspects, using a metal detector.

After that they conduct a background check, using fingerprints.

"We do a two digit reader to determine what their identity is and whether or not they've been arrested in the state of Florida," said Lieutenant Brian Adkison, Bay County Jail.

Once they enter the facility, they receive inmate’s uniforms, get mug shots, and are sent to a holding cell.

Males in one side of the facility and females in another side.

"We receive the arrest from the complaining officer. We enter that information into our computer system and complete our first appearance packet," said Adkison.

Officers enter the charges, and then take the inmates to cells.

They say they get a lot of intoxicated spring breakers.

"That’s you're standard spring breaker. They're going to get intoxicated. They're going to come in and that's some of the reasons. Most that have come in is because disorderly conduct, the disoriented intoxication and the batteries," said Adkison.

Intoxicated inmates are held at least 8 hours.

The next day inmates go before a judge for a bond hearing, where they can enter a plea for misdemeanor charges, depending on their criminal history.

Once they're released, the inmates get their clothes and possessions and go to a releasing area.