Hurlburt Field Airman Honored by the Community

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During their basic training, Air Force personnel learn something called Self-Aid Buddy Care, the lifesaving techniques help in combat situations.

But, it also helped a Hurlburt Field airman save a civilian in a drive-by shooting at Ocean City, just north of Ft. Walton Beach. A ceremony at Hurlburt Field honored the Airman on Thursday.

Airman Trent Mitchell was on his way to the beach when he saw a woman fall to the ground by the roadside. “I didn't know what was going on or anything, I hopped out and said I have to help her in some way. So I hopped out and ran over and tried not to get hit by any cars that just kept driving by.”

His military training prepared him for the situation. He calmed the victim and her daughter while putting pressure on her wounds. "I Saw an exit wound in her back. She was bleeding a lot. So I ran to my truck and grabbed a shirt. Another man came to help. I told him to go grab some towels."

Mitchell stayed on the scene to help after ambulances arrived. The victim as rushed to the hospital where she survived her wounds.

Larry Ashley, Okaloosa Co. Sheriff was at Thursday’s ceremony. "Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office and I thank Airman Trent Mitchell for his service to the community.”

A1C Mithcell received Good Citizenship Awards from the Okaloosa County sheriff's office and the Fort Walton Beach Military Order of World Wars.

The woman he stopped to help, 32-year old Tamera Sheffield is recovering from her wounds. The man who allegedly shot her, 36-year old Joe "J" Fernandez, was himself shot by police during a stand-off later in North Miami Beach.

He's being extradited back to Okaloosa County to face attempted murder charges.