Hurlburt Special Mission

A group of 15-airmen from Hurlburt Field's Special Operations Commend made their way through Bay County Monday, on a special mission.

They're raising money for scholarships, to go to the children of other airmen killed in action.

The group left Hurlburt Sunday, hoping to cover about 100-miles a day. They'll be marching two at a time in four man relay teams, each pair covering about 12 miles a day. All this while carrying a 45 to 50 pound back pack.

SSGT Adam Tarbill says they're goal is reach the Special Operations memorial at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa by Friday. "What we're going to do is place five flags down that were flown overseas for the five heros that we lost."

Each team is handing off “dog tags” commemorating the airmen killed in action last year.