Hurricane Isaac Horse Victims Relocate to Walton County

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The Panhandle suffered relatively few effects from Hurricane Isaac in late August, but those in Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana, were not as lucky.
Some of the victims have been relocated to Walton County.
Alaqua Animal Refuge is now caring for three neglected and pregnant horses and one colt that came from Louisiana after Isaac.
In order for them to deliver healthy foals, they are asking for help from the community.
Louisiana authorities seized the four horses and 11 others because they were severely abused.
"They had been taken in a seizure from a situation where they had been neglected in a way that they had no food, no water and they had been injured," said Samantha Graves, with the Alaqua Animal Refuge.
After the hurricane hit in August the shelter had to find new homes for the horses, and four came to Alaqua.
"Volunteers in Louisiana raised the money and transportation to get them to us," said Graves.
The shelter in Jefferson Parrish is grateful Alaqua took the horse, but now Alaqua needs help to help them recover.
The refuge needs food, volunteers and donations.
"It's going to be a hard road getting them back into condition so that by the time the babies get here the mother's are ready to have healthy deliveries," said Graves.
Once the horses are healthy and ready they will be available for adoption.
If you want to track their progress, or donate to the cause, log onto

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