Hurricane Season Comes To A Close

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The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially ends Saturday morning.

In Northwest Florida, beaches took the brunt of the wind and water surge damages from Tropical Storm Debby and Hurricane Isaac, which strayed away from Florida's coast-line.

The majority of named storms stayed in the Atlantic Ocean, with the exception of "Super Storm Sandy" which hit the North East.

It's been seven years since a hurricane has had a direct hit in the state, yet insurance costs have risen in the past few years.

Experts say the reason is reinsurance, or the insurance that insurance companies have to pay.

"Whatever catastrophic events happen world wide, they all impact insurance rates for everyone," said Tina Blackwell from Blackwell Insurance in Panama City.

Blackwell says nearly half of your insurance costs cover the wind premium.

"The increase in the wind premium was not as significant last year as it was this year. So this year, people probably really noticed a change in the wind premium," said Blackwell.

Blackwell points to Hurricane Sandy as proof that homeowners need flood and fire insurance.

"Only one percent of people in New York had flood insurance. There are going to be a lot of people that are not going to have flood insurance available to re-build," said Blackwell.

If conditions remain relatively quiet, Blackwell does not expect significant insurance hikes next year.

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