Hurricane Warning

While Florida has so far been spared from tropical weather this year, rain has been inundating.

"We are almost at the half way point of hurricane season"

With hurricane season now about half over, Emergency managers say even the slightest tropical rain could result in severe consequences.

"With the ground as wet as it is, a lesser amount of wind, a lesser amount of rainfall is going to cause more trees to come down. It's going to cause more flooding. It's going to cause more power outages. It's going to cause more road washouts and road covers," said Brain Koon.

Saturday is the 21 year anniversary for Hurricane Andrew. It was one of the latest and most devastating first storms of the year.

The fear here, is that because there have been no major storms for almost a decade, residents won't take the next warning seriously."

Federal Emergency Management Director Craig Fugate ran Florida’s operation before going to Washington. He says most Floridians are in denial about the survivability of hurricanes.

"Well all the stuff that people say, 'well I've lived here all my life...', you look at the tracts over Florida, over the history of hurricanes we have. There is not any area that's not impacted. It won't be that bad, but you probably haven't been through the eye wall, or the strongest winds of a hurricane or that strongest search," said Craig Fugate.

Emergency managers say September and October are especially prone for strong storms. That's because Atlantic and Gulf waters are reaching peak temperatures.

Hurricane season runs through the end of November.