Hurricane Preparedness Week

Well it is almost here, the start of yet another hurricane season.

Time to start scrutinizing satellite images and every little swirl out in the open ocean, but there is more to tracking storms than just this.

Here in the VIPIR 7 weather center, we utilize two in-house computer models. As well as a whole host of data and websites you can find on the internet.

Right now, I would like to share a few favorites to give you a little insight on how we know trouble could be brewing weeks in advance.

As we know smartphones are all the rage and most of the information you would ever need to track a storm can be downloaded right from your app store.

IMap is one of our storm tracking partners and they provide some of the best software out there, for a nominal fee.

Hurricane HD is another app designed with you in mind. They send actual tropical alerts and warnings direct to your cell phone.

On my phone, I have three free apps which you may like. They are Hurricane Software, Hurricane Hound, and Hurricane Tracking Center.

All the apps have traditional cyclone forecast paths, satellites, and weather discussions.

It is the same data you would find from the national hurricane center but at the touch of a virtual button on your phone.

Remember the season runs until November 30th, so get online or get on the phone and let’s track some weather together and hope for another quiet season.

Jim has provided a link on our website to all those sites he just mentioned. All you have to do is click on News Links.