Husfelt Recommends Not Privatizing Transportation

Superintendent Bill Husfelt has released a statement saying at this time, he believes privatizing transportation would not be in the best interest of Bay District Schools.

Here is a list of reasons why:
1. Privatizing would not solve our aging bus fleet problems.
2. Discussions with union representatives have been fruitful.
3. Privatization savings are estimated to be approximately $200,000 for the first year, however leave but-out for current transportation employees would be about $75,000.
4. Re-structuring the transportation operations seems to be the most feasible and responsible decision at this time.
5. State reimbursement for transportation costs must be increased; this problem was not created by Bay District Schools but befalls every district in the state.

Bay District Schools will move forward with a bus purchase plan and we will begin to equip all buses with GPS monitoring systems and digital cameras.