Illegal Steroid Operation Could Kill You

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Bay County Sheriff's Investigators are worried an illegal steroid operation may have put people's health at risk.
They had charged three Panama City Beach men with making and selling the illegal drugs.
Sheriff's investigators raided two locations Friday, seizing steroids worth about $1million on the streets, but it is the side-effects of the drugs that have them worried.
"This is not something we're real familiar with,” said Capt. Faith Bell. “We have worked steroid cases, we'll find one-to-10 bottles. This was a manufacturing operation which I don't think many agencies deal with."
They questioned, then charged Mitchell Hardy, Garrett George and Christopher Gipson with manufacturing and trafficking illegal humane growth steroids.
Authorities said the trio sold the drugs through online forums and person-to-person at local gyms.
They also said their so-called lab was not safe.
"It is being manufactured in a kitchen, in a house, bedroom somewhere non-sterile environment, then sold to people to inject," said Bell.
The steroids in these vials are supposedly 3 to 10 times stronger than medically approve dosages.
All three men reportedly have serious health issues and authorities are concerned their customers have problems as well.
"Potential to spread the fungus and bacteria was our main concern,” said Bell. “In this case, that people would be injecting this stuff and within a short window of time be dead."
Capt. Bell is advising anyone, who bought steroids in the past six months, to see a doctor immediately for possible complications.

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