Impact 100 Looking to Add More Members

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Two years ago, 100 Okaloosa and Walton County women formed Impact 100, agreeing that each of them would put-up $1,000 dollars to go to local non-profits.

"And find those organizations that impact in our community in one of five areas---its arts and culture, education, family, health or the environment,” said Michelle Anchors, of Impact 100.

Two years later and the group is now 220 members strong.

By next month they hope to be over 300, bringing more than $300,000 to the table.

"We provide what is most needed to non-profits in this community--and that is money,” said Anchors.

Each year the area's non-profits submit applications for funding.

Impact 100 examines each application, then choses a few to receive the cash.

Last year they spilt the money between the Destin Harvest Food Bank and the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge.

Destin harvest bought a new truck to haul their supplies.

"The $110,000 is a dream for most organizations,” said Chris Leavenworth, of Destin Harvest. “Being able to take care of those goals or the year, and the more members they can have, the more organizations they can sponsor."

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge is using its money to build a new facility.

"There are organizations like ours that previously would not of had a chance to do something like we are doing it is such a fantastic opportunity,” said Susan Leveille, Assistant Director of ECWR.

The deadline to become a member of Impact 100 is May 1st.