Improved Cardiac Surgery Methods at Bay Medical with daVinci

Bay Medical Center doctors are expanding the use of a took that has been used in other types of surgeries for 6 years. The DaVinci surgical system is now being used on cardiac surgery patients.

The addition of seasoned surgeon Dr. Lynn Seto has help usher in this change. The robot designed to provide surgeons with improved control and dexterity can be a great tool in avoiding traditional open heart surgery.

For the first time at Bay Medical, two successful such operations using this technology were performed last week.

The biggest difference between the old way of doing things and the new is patient comfort. The original open heart surgery required doctors to spread the patients ribs to work. Now, four punctures wounds on the side is all it takes.

"It's done in a more precise manner with less risk to the patient in terms of a blood transfusion and infection and things like that. And they feel better, they have less pain, they get home quickly, and back to their lives quicker, says Dr. Lynn Seto"

According to Bay Medical officials, outside of Panama City, patients would have to travel to Birmingham or Atlanta to receive this same procure.

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