Incinerator Re-Opening Stalled

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The Bay County Waste to Energy facility, better known as the incinerator, was supposed to be up and running by mid December. This after a fire almost a year ago shut it down. But now two months after the announcement, the facility still isn't running on trash officials say most of the hold up has been waiting for approval and money from insurance companies.

The Bay County incinerator has been down since a fire last February destroyed one of the buildings and heavily damaged another, forcing management to replace all the equipment inside. Now ten months later, officials say progress is being made and they hope to have it running this month. While there have been a few issues with equipment testing that has also caused a hold up, the bigger problem has been waiting on insurance companies.

"With seven different carriers it has been a challenge to get money to fix things without putting the county at risk financially and we have not done that,” said Joe Tannehill, Jr. of Engen, LLC. “I expect we'll be running in January if not in a test mode then in full mode operation."

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