Incinerator Opens After Year Long Wait

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The last week of January, a garbage truck rolled into the Waste to Energy facility for the first time in nearly a year.

February 12th of last year, a fire broke out inside the incinerator. By the time firefighters put it out, the worst of the damage was already done. The repairs themselves could have been completed before the year was up had it not been for seven different insurance companies in charge of providing finances to cover the repairs.

"A restoration in some ways is harder to plan than even a new construction because you don't know exactly what you're gonna find, but this whole year that we've been down has really been dictated by the speed of money," said Joe Tannehill, Jr, of Engen LLC. "Now we're running both units the turbines running, we're generating electricity and we're happy about that."

The repairs did give Tannehill the opportunity to redesign the incinerator. Now there's a separate space for garbage storage will will proect the incinerating equipment from future damage.

The new layout is also more efficient, even though workers are still addressing a few potential bugs in the system.

"We told the haulers when we came back up at the end of January, there could be a chance that we'd have a problem and we'd have to shut back down," said Tannehill, "but so far so good."

Tannehill says nearby residents may hear some noises caused by some tests they're running on the system.

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