Indian Motorcycles of Panama City Beach Gives Back

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Indian Motorcycles has been around since 1901, but a new store was added to Panama City Beach just a few weeks ago.

Representatives from the company say Indian Motorcycles has reinvented their bikes, and their heritage is back.

Part of that heritage is giving back to the veteran community.

"Well because it's a new store and we have two, three, four military bases in our area we figure its a great place to do something like this to help them out," said David Elder, General Manager of Indian Motorcycles of Panama City Beach.

Indian Motorcycle stores across the country participated in the "Great American Summer Cookout" campaign, where all proceeds support the United Service Organizations and Military Troops.

"Without the people across the country and the world that are taking care of us, we don't get to do what we get to do, so the least we could do is give something back," said Derek Kelley, Owner of Indian Motorcycles of Panama City Beach.

Dozens of Indian Motorcycles were on display throughout the new store. Food and entertainment was also provided.

"The community is absolutely loving us," said Elder. "And we are so appreciative that they are here because they are really opening arms to us."

One local veteran says his love for our country as well as motorcycles was enough motivation for him to attend the Indian Motorcycles fundraiser.

"I saw that all proceeds were donations going to the Veterans Organization and was like ok that's cool with me you know, I also had some questions about the bike," said Sky Atkins, an Army Veteran.

Derek Kelley says so far over 72 percent of his sales have been to military employees and local veterans weren't shocked to here that.

"Basically a veteran and a biker is pretty much where the heart is," said Atkins. "It's pretty much the same character."

Kelley said he is looking forward to hosting other events that will benefit the community.

"I haven't been this excited in 20 years, it has been so much fun," said Kelley.