Inlet Beach Residents Battle Over Future Development

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Some South Walton residents are at odds with a local developer.
He wants to build some new houses off Walton Magnolia Lane near Helen State Park.
The Lupin Beach development has been in the works since 2008, but only now is the issue getting controversial.
Jason Comer is the developer of up-scale Alys Beach.
His family has owned a plot of land on Walton Magnolia Lane for nearly 50 years.
The is the only structure left on the property is a family home known as the Lupin house.
Comer wants to clear the land and build 20-new homes in a development he is calling Lupin Beach.
Neighbors are not happy with the plans.
"The Comer's have been in the neighborhood a long, long time-much longer than I've been here. However that doesn't give them the right to be able to put 17 houses on an acre and a half of property." Walton county commissioners approved Comer's plans in February 2010.
"The developer can develop the land on 6.36 acres. We're at that point now where they say ok, we're ready to start building," said Louis Svehla.
Although the county has already approved Lupin beach, commissioner still have sign-off road construction and building heights.
Those topics are scheduled for the November 13th commission meeting.
That meeting will take place at the South Walton Courthouse Annex.

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