Inlet Beach Experiences Development Boom

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Whether it's retail space or commercial lots, inlet beach in Walton County is experiencing a mini-development boom.

"It's kind of exciting. We have several parcels that to date have been undeveloped. So they've been sitting as vacant land. And based on the information that coming to the office and what's being submitted to the county planning department is that we have a great deal of new retail and commercial expected" says Inlet Beach Water Systems Manager Tressia Tousignant.

The county planning and zoning department says several businesses will begin new construction projects in the next few months. Development in the inlet beach area hasn't just been limited to new businesses but housing construction is also on the comeback as well.

"Since last summer, maybe august, we've seen a definite increase in single family homes that are being built. And these are going into subdivisions that previously had been sitting vacant because of the market" says Tousignant.

Tousignant also says it's also been helping her business as well.

“With the new building that's coming in as well as with some of these subdivisions that have been sitting vacant for so long they're beginning to build out. That definitely helps without revenue" says Tousignant.

The renewed interest is coming from increases in tourism, retirees and investors. Some of the plans include a new hotel, a donut hole restaurant and retail center.