Investigation Continues After New Dad Shot, Killed

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PANAMA CITY-- Steven Justin Ayers and his wife, Jessica, brought their newborn son home Tuesday, and were celebrating the birth with family members when their world shattered.

Bay County Sheriff's Investigators said a neighbor fired a handgun and the bullet passed through a sliding glass door, hitting Justin Ayers in the back of the head.

"I didn't ever know that could happen," said Joyce Soares, Neighbor.

Long time neighbor Soares said she never expected this to happen in this quiet area.

"Yes, it was very shocking. We were all the neighbors here united, waiting to hear what happened last night," said Soares.

"There's no words that express how she's feeling right now, because I just had a newborn," said Mary Woodard, neighbor.

People of all ages are mourning Ayers' death.

He was a guitar instructor at "A Beat Better Music" in downtown Panama City for more than 20 years.

"I took lessons from him for about 9 months," said William Dysik, friend.

He and his wife also played in bands at local venues, including Margaritaville.

"He loved it. Guitar was his thing. Music was his life. Of course, starting the family off one day. It's a tragedy, it really is," said Tim Spence, "A Beat Better Music" owner.

Family members are planning to hold a memorial service this weekend.

A judge set a bond Wednesday afternoon for the man charged in the tragic shooting.

County Judge Timothy Campbell set 62 year old Charles Shisler bond at $175,000 on one count each of manslaughter and convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Officials say Shisler was standing in his yard behind the Ayers' home when he fired the fatal shot from a 9-millimeter handgun.

Investigators say he told them he didn't expect the gun to fire and that it was an accident.