Investigation into PCB Burger King Fire

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire that damaged a beach fast food restaurant. It happened at the Burger King on Front Beach Road in Edgewater at 6:00 Tuesday night.

"When we arrived there was very little smoke in the building most everything was exterior," said Lt. Mike Eubanks, Panama City Beach Fire Department. Officials say the fire started in the restaurant's restrooms. Firefighters used a chainsaw to vent the smoke and give them access to the flames.

They also attacked it from above. "We have to open it from the outside and also from the top of the roof also because it was spreading to the roof area. So we have to make sure there is no hidden fire," said Captain Joe Coco, Panama City Beach Fire Department.

According to authorities, the damage itself is minimal and Burger King should be back up and running quickly.

Fortunately there were not any customers inside, and all seven employees escaped safety.

The State Fire Marshal's office is investigating for the cause of the fire.