Will iPhone 5 Live up to its Hype?

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Panama City- The clock is counting down to the much-anticipated release of Apple's new iPhone 5 set to hit stores nationwide Friday morning.

"The excitement has been really great," said Doris Wahrenbrock, Assistant Store Manager of the 23rd St. Verizon Wireless location.

Apples has already reported record pre-orders of the phone, and Forbes Magazine said it could be on track for one of the biggest upgrade cycles ever in the world of electronic devices.

"For a couple of months we've had customers coming in and calling saying 'have you heard, have you heard, have you heard,'" said Wahrenbrock.

So what's all the buzz about this time? Yes the screen's bigger, and you have to use a new charger to power the iphone 5, but it's what you can't see that's seems to be causing quite a stir.

The iPhone 5 is Apple's first phone that's 4G LTE capable. NewsChannel 7's Chief Meteorologist and in-house self-proclaimed "techie" weighed in on the conversation.

"It's definitely something you can put to use. It just depends on how much of a user you are," said Smith, "LTE is supposedly ten times faster than 3G and it will be close to about what your internet speed is at home."

The problem is 4G LTE isn't available everywhere, and that means some people won't be able to take advantage of what's considered by many to be the best part about the new phone. Locally Verizon is the only provider promising the faster speeds.

"We have the largest LTE network across the United States, more than all the networks put together, so your coverage is going to be much better," said Wahrenbrock.

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