Is the Drug LSD Making a Comeback?

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PANAMA CITY -- Local authorities say they're seeing a spring break resurgence of a drug that was popular in the 60's. They say a number of breakers have been using LSD as well as a form of the drug. Several visitors were reportedly under the influence of the knock-off form drug when they we're involved in other incidents.

Tuesday night a car hit a 21-year-old Tennessee spring breaker named James Sterling Julian, as he ran across Middle Beach Road.
His friends told police they were chasing him because he was high on LSD.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators said 21-year-old Rice University Student Reny Jose took LSD before he disappeared from a west end beach rental last week.

BCSO Narcotics Division Capt. Faith Bell said, "Definitely a trend and LSD always has been a trend hopefully this is a trend that will go away quick. LSD is never good."

Bay Medical Center ER Physician Frank Merritt said, “Bizarre behavior and just acting wildly very anxious and agitated maybe very combative. A lot of times they've been in an altercation and police have been called out."

Although the students are experiencing the same type of effects produced by LSD authorities say the drug they're seeing is a knock-off.

"We have yet to see true LSD which is lysergic acid diethylamide none of what we have sent off has come back as true LSD, it’s come back as what is now know as these bath salt products or synthetic or designer drugs,” said Bell.

At the emergency room doctors say spring break is one of their busiest times of the year. Emergency room personnel say they've see a lot of drug overdoses.

“EMS has done a great job of being first responders and were able to use certain types of medicines and sedatives so forth to try to treat those as some of the drugs wear off themselves,” said Merritt.

But they say it's only part of the treatment they're providing the visiting students.

"It’s something that we've prepared for we trained for and right now we will just take care of everybody that comes in,” said Merritt.

Authorities say they are cracking down hard on those with illegal substances.