It's Beginning to look like Flu Season in Bay County

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Despite a relatively mild season locally, flu season is off to a strong start across the rest of the country.
The Centers for Disease Control has said they expect this year's flu strains to be serious and it is hitting it's victims quicker.
Common symptoms are a fever, severe body aches, runny nose, congestion, coughing and sometimes vomiting.
Children and the elderly are at particular risk of dehydration.
"Reported activity for Bay County is, we haven't had any reports for the week of the 24-28,” said Laura McKinney, the public health services manager at the Bay County Health Department. “We'll be expecting new reports out from the clinics that report to the state on influenza activity. So far, we're not seeing any cases yet."
McKinney says your best protection is getting a flu shot, especially those in the high-risk categories, children and the elderly.
The vaccination takes about two weeks to have the maximum effect.

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