It's Tax Time, Get Free Help with VITA

Nearly a quarter of Bay County's population is eligible for free tax form preparations.
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is now open for business.
“Today, I'm here to get my taxes filed," said David Waller.
David Waller is one of the 40,000 Bay County workers that is eligible to have their taxes done for free through VITA.
It is available to residents whose annual gross income is $51,000 or less.
"One of the biggest things we're trying to say to the community is, don't go out and have your taxes done somewhere, where they say they can get them done faster or your return quicker than we can,” said Ron Sharpe, the director of resource development with United. “We are set up like everyone else in the industry."
Last year, 2,400 people used the service.
The IRS-certified and trained volunteers help people prepare their tax forms, identifying additional deductions they may not be aware of.
"Last year for example, we helped over $700,000 for those in the community that didn't know they had that coming to them," said Sharpe.
The VITA program is set-up at the A.D. Harris Learning Village, Monday through Friday between 9 and 4:30 and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.
The VITA volunteers will be preparing returns right up until the April 15th tax deadline.