JFK Photos Bring Back Memories 50 Years Later

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SHALIMAR - The assassination anniversary has reminded a panhandle couple about their brush with history. They heard President Kennedy deliver a speech at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, the day before he was killed.

Lee and Nancy Jackson remember the day November 21st of 1963 like it was yesterday.

That's the day president Kennedy helped dedicate a new aerospace research facility at Brooks Air Force Base.

The pictures were taken by an air force photographer, who gave them to the Jackson's. In one of the pictures, you an see president Kennedy delivering his speech.

Lee Jackson was an aide to one of the commanding generals at Brooks, and helped set up the event.

"That was my first time to actually be that close to a president," said Lee Jackson. "The first time to be that close to any dignitary outside the military. So that in itself had quite an impact."

His wife, Nancy, was also invited for the president's speech.

"That day was impressive. The Secret Service and everything around. It was an awesome day," said Nancy Jackson.

The Kennedy's spent the night in San Antonio, then flew to Ft. Worth the next day. Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy later that day in Dallas.

After 50 years, the Jacksons' memories of those two days are still vivid.

"But the fact that I saw him the day before he was assassinated and all the effort going into that ceremony, it had a bigger impact on me," said Lee Jackson.

"Looking back to the day before, it got real special. Real special, real emotional. It's like he was right there," said Nancy Jackson.

Nancy says they've only shown the photos to half a dozen people in the fifty years they've had them.

"We have taken them out a little bit here and there. Yeah people would say, 'oh yeah, the pictures.' they weren't as impressed as you wished they were. Today they would be I think," said Nancy Jackson.

The dedication ceremony was originally scheduled on November 22nd, 1963 but the White House requested it be moved up a day. Jackson took the phone call regarding the schedule change.