Jackson Co. Family's House Fire has them Helping Others

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JACKSON COUNTY A Jackson County woman, who has had a recent set back, is hoping to help others from suffering the same hardships.

Shamari Garret, her mother, and 2 children have been staying in a hotel since a fire destroyed their home in May.

Garrett says Jackson County didn't have the funds to assist her through Section 8 or HUD.

However this week, an anonymous donor offered to pay 6 months’ rent on a trailer she signed off on earlier this week.

Once settled, she plans to contact county representatives about ways to help others in disaster situations like house fires.

"Mobile homes or houses for people that have lost their homes,” said Shamari Garrett, Advocate. “That have lost everything, so we can have some type of refuge and know that when we go to sleep at night, we'll wake up in the morning and there's still going to be a roof over heads."

The family plans to move into their new home next week.