Jackson County AARP to Disband by December 31

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Marianna- Jackson County's AARP members said they planned to disband by the end of December because the national organization had become too political.

"We could see the national organization was supporting the democratic candidate, not the republican candidate" explained Jackson County AARP Vice President, Ernest McNeill. "And the board of directors decided irregardless of who won the election, we were going to resign."

But not everyone agreed with the local AARP's point of view.

"Several years ago they were opposed to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obama Care. Once again, because they saw it as an endorsement to President Obama, who they oppose" past board member, Patrick McGann told us.

McGann said for years he had tried to get AARP members politically active. He told us he had created a sample letter to show members how communicate with elected officials. But, the group attacked his effort.

"The example I used was Obama's job program. Well, that raised hell" McGann said.

McGann dropped his membership in the local chapter over the situation.

"Even if the chapter in Marianna doesn't support a particular issue, they have to face the reality that the rest of the organization, which is a huge 37 million member organization, does support what the AARP's position is" McGann said.

But others disagreed. "They should be absolutely bipartisan and let the members make the decision" McNeill said, "not necessarily the head of the AARP decide who they should vote for."

Members told us they planned to still meet socially and discuss many of the same issues. They just wouldn't be affiliated with AARP.

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