Jackson County Commissioners Sworn Back Into Office

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Marianna- The board of Jackson County Commissioners looked just as it did prior to the November 7 election, but Tuesday it was made official.

Jackson County Clerk of Courts, Dale Guthrie swore into office: District 5 representative, Chuck Lockey; District 3 representative, Kenneth Stephens; and District 1 representative, Dr. Willie Spires.

Both Lockey and Stephens renewed their seats as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

Lockey said the board had worked well together for many years, and he looked forward to the future.

"It's a very humbling experience- the board showing the confidence in me to elect me as chairman for the next two years" Lockey said. "It's exciting, we've got a lot of work we need to do. We've got some new projects we need to start and job creation is one of my priorities. I'm going to work closely with JCDC (Jackson County Development Council) to make sure that happens."

Lockey could not elaborate on the upcoming projects. However, he did say something exciting was in the works and could be further discussed at a later time.

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