Jackson County Farmers Say: "Good Friday, Good Planting"

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Marianna- Eric Toole, owner of Nubbin Farms in Cambellton, said he couldn't think of a better day than Good Friday to begin his spring planting.

"Good Friday, to me, has always meant its a good day to plant regardless of what your planting, And it's always been good luck to us. I'm not a firm believer in luck, but when its proven time after time- you just go with it" he explained of his Good Friday tradition.

In fact, he told us he had already had a bit of luck over the past week.

"Last Wednesday morning when I woke up and went out to the fields, I was so afraid that we was going to be redoing all the work and the money we spent. But right now, like I said, there's no damage to the fields."

Toole said he hoped the lucky streak would continue in the county as local growers prepared for the spring farmers market

"Anywhere from three-quarters to a $1 Million are running through [the market]" Toole said. "That money stays in Jackson County. It's supporting the local growers, it's encouraging new growers and encouraging farmers like myself to try crops we've never tried before."

Toole said he this season he was trying a variety crops.

"Purple hull peas, white peas, speckled beans, snap beans and green beans, tomatoes, and peppers and eggplant, broccoli, cabbage cauliflower, collards, english peas new potatoes- you name it we're trying to grow it. Oh, and onions. I forgot about the onions" he laughed."

The Marianna City Farmers market is open 7 am to noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting the 2nd week of may

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