Jackson County Fire Departments Funding

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JACKSON COUNTY-- Some Jackson County Fire Departments are fighting for more funding.

They took their case to county commissioners Tuesday morning. But their hope for double the money probably won't happen.

Grand Ridge City Manager J.R. Moneyham said the $12,500 that the municipal fire departments receive from Jackson County each year just doesn't cut it. "A lot of it is just for the operation and maintenance repairs. Some try to buy equipment for the firefighters, for their safety. It is such a financial burden," Moneyham said.

But commissioners say otherwise. "The $700,000 that the county spends currently on fire protection for the county, over $100,000 of that, well over $100,000 of that goes toward the municipalities," Jeremy Branch said.

Moneyham first expressed his concerns to commissioners during a budget meeting a few weeks back. "We respond well beyond our required interlocal agreements. And when 95 of the 100 calls goes into the county, we're just asking the county for their support. So that we can replace there apparatuses."

Commissioners may be able to give the fires departments something, but not double the amount they're seeking. "It's gonna be difficult to double contributions made to, you know, 9 or 10 municipalities, in the county, but I think the board is gonna be open to considering some assistance in some way."

"What would happen if we don't come up with a resolution? We would still work in a good faith effort with the county, to try and resolve this if even through a service for fee agreement."

Commissioners will take up the funding request again at the September 2, budget meeting.