Jackson County Officials to Buy Land for Compass Lake in the Hills Boat Ramp Parking

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Altha- It was 4 PM and Jonathan Melvin is calling it a day after several hours of fishing. "They ain't hungry right now," he laughed.

Melvin said he used the boat ramp at Compass Lake in the Hills every weekend, and every weekend he faced the same ordeal.

"It gets a little crowded in the summer time, now with the restaurant [back and working]. It sure would be nice to have a place to park. There's no parking!"

His wish could be a reality- possibly as soon as next weekend, according to Jackson County Parks and Recycling Director, Chuck Hatcher. He said the county was in the works to purchase the property and building across the street from the boat ramp.

"This will allow the people to park- not park on the right of way on the road or in the restaurant parking lot," Hatcher said.

The county was able to secure a 75- 25% grant he said, explaining: "the county government [was] participating with 25% and the federal government [was] participating with 75 percent."

Hatcher said there may even be future plans for the building it's self as, "maybe remolded as a community center, or public restrooms."

Melvin said he had a few ideas of what he'd like to see go in the space. "A bait and tackle store- sell gas- a convenient store- something a long those lines."

For now, Hatcher said it was just going to be a grassy lot without the "no parking signs," and Melvin said that was quite alright.

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