Jackson County Panhandle Youth Expo 2013

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Marianna- For kids like eight year old Hunter Tyus, it ran in the family.

"I'm the fifth tradition to show hogs. My daddy shows hogs, my cousin has. And, we think we going to do it as long as you can, and show hogs," he told us.

The arena at the Jackson County Youth Expo was the great equalizer, for first timers and contestants carrying on an old family tradition.

Faith Hardin had been working for months to get her goat, Buddy ready for the inaugural goat show.

"You're going to be scored for showmanship, how well you know your animal, how well you know your goat, how well you interact with all kinds of goats," she explained.

Just around the corner in the rabbit area, Colby Hargrove told us a thing or two about showmanship:

"It's like a beauty pageant for rabbits" he laughed.

His rabbits, Oreo and Gray swept the awards show coming in first and second place.

And it was probably the only beauty pageant where winners often ate their prizes.

Meanwhile, pressure was building as Hardin and Buddy made their way over to the arena for the goat show.

A lot was riding on this competition because it would likely be Buddy's last- at least at the youth expo.

"They're only allowed to show if they have their milk teeth and those usually last a year. So after a year I'll get a new goat."

Coming in fourth place, it was a successful show for Hardin, and certainly a win for Buddy, who had an appetite for victory.

"He tried to eat the ribbons" she laughed.

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