Jackson County School Board will Vote on Uniforms Tuesday

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Graceville- Most likely, Jackson County students have just a number of days left to enjoy the freedom of wearing what they want to school. The school board will vote Tuesday whether to implement a dress code for the next school year.

"The proposed changes are khaki pants or jeans, no holes in them and a collared shirt" Graceville High Assistant Principal Julie Burdeshaw explained. "White [shirts] for the county and then schools could add two other colors."

District principals crafted the proposed changes and took it to the board where the idea bounced around in discussion for about a month.

"I think it will take some time off the teachers hands to have to deal with the dress code issues in the classroom and give them more instruction time" Burdeshaw told us.

The switch to uniform has been largely supported by school officials, but Burdeshaw said it has been met with some resistance from community members.

"I think our community and parents may be worried that uniforms are expensive. But we have many businesses that are wiling to give them a great deal. And I believe the clothing, a uniform, would be cheaper than their regular street clothes."

Local stores like Vanity Fair in Graceville have been putting together package deals. Also, some civic service organizations agreed to sponsor some of the uniforms.

The bargains may help to butter up parents, but it didn't seem to sweeten the deal for students. Unsurprisingly, "most of the students are kind of leery of the dress code" Burdeshaw said.

The school board will vote on the issue during Tuesday's regularly scheduled meeting.

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