Jackson County Students Chosen for Take Stock in Children Program

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JACKSON COUNTY Three Jackson County students are being rewarded for their hard work, and getting incentive to keep it up.

They signed contracts today that will provide them with a college education.

They're the latest Take Stock in Children Scholarship recipients.

The State of Florida established the Take Stock in Children
program more than a decade ago, rewarding children from at-risk environments for outstanding behavior and academic performance.

Tuesday, Jackson county celebrated as these three students signed "take stock" academic contracts.

If they maintain a "C" average, and stay drug and crime free, they'll receive a college scholarship.

"My parents are as excited as I am,” said rising 9th grader Christopher Corbin. “They're really excited about it too, saves them a lot of money.

"I actually cried over the phone, I'm very proud of him. He's gonna learn a lot, He's gonna do really great," said parent Mary Russell.

Students are selected for the program in the 8th grade. Once they graduate high school, they will then receive a scholarship for about 8 thousand dollars to Chipola College.

This is the first year the scholarship will go directly to Chipola.
"Being a two year college we are able to kinda keep track of our students a little bit more rather than sending them off to a huge university right outta high school," said Take Stock in Children at Chipola College Program Director Mary Helen Smith.

Students on free and reduced lunch program are eligible, so it's a financial relief for parents.

The program also provides students with some individual help.

"We provide a mentor to kinda come along and nudge them along the way throughout high school," said Smith.

"It'd be good to have someone else to turn to for advice about what I could do for help during the school years leading up til I get there," explained Corbin, who wants to go to school for engineering and technology.

Each county raises take stock scholarship funds, then the state matches the amount.