Jackson County Water Issues

Some Jackson County citizens are worried about water.

This comes after a local sturgeon farm submitted an application to the Northwest Florida Water Management District to withdraw nearly six million gallons of water a day from the Floridan Aquifer.

At 4:30 Thursday afternoon, a public meeting is scheduled at Sneads City Hall to discuss the issue with the farm's request.

Many local residents are concerned, and are against the idea.

Others, like water well contractor, Jamie Westbrook say they want to learn more.

"That water is not going back in the ground, I don't think. The next question I would have is how they are going to reuse the water they do get out of the ground?" he said Wednesday.

Westbrook says he also wants to make sure that if the request is approved, the business is positively impacting the local area so the region's natural resources will be used to benefit individuals and communities outside of the area.