Jackson County to Start TV Programming to Promoting Tourism

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Marianna- Jackson County Tourist Development Council leaders said they wanted to tap-into the power of television advertising by creating their own channel.

"P.E.G TV stands for public access, education and general- or, general audience" TDC Director, Pam Fuqua explained.

She said the TDC was working with Chipola College TV and Comcast Cable to help start a PEG channel.

"We thought, 'this is an excellent opportunity to start something like Beach TV, and show off our attractions'" Fuqua said. "We'll do videos of our caverns and our waterways, like Lake Seminole. We'll have some live shots and promotional work for our upcoming events."

Events like "Pumpkins in the Park" and local charity walks. Fuqua said it would also be prime viewing for sports fans who visited the county for annual junior college state basketball tournaments.

"[Fans] are here for several days, several nights but they're always looking for something to do. And for example, you can go out to Lake Seminole and you can have tours of the dams out there. A lot of people don't realize that. So there's a lot more to do than people realize."

The county administrator and attorney were working on a contract. Fuqua did not have an estimated cost for the project, but hoped it would be complete in the next 12 to 18 months.

"We're still in the product development stage" she told us. "What that means is, we're getting together our ground roots before we promote."

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