Jackson County Hospital Lobbying For $11 Million

MARIANNA-- The legislature's proposed budget includes more than $11 million dollars for Jackson Hospital in Marianna.

Hospital officials say they need the money to make some major improvements to their facilities.

They're now lobbying the governor to make sure the $11 million stays in the final budget.

"Yes ma'am good-bye"

Jackson Hospital has a vision.

"Just let me know when their ready?"

And employees like Debbie Matthews, are looking forward to taking a step towards becoming the best community healthcare system in the nation.

But in order to be the best, Jackson Hospital needs assistance from all those who are able.

"I think it's time for our community to come together and all of us send an e-mail to Governor Scott," Matthews said.

An e-mail stating how beneficial it would be for the hospital to receive more than $11 million in funding for renovations.

"The last time we had any renovation was in 1993, since then with technology and the way medicine is going. It is time to renovate again."

Patients, employees and local residents could hopefully enjoy a new hospital operating suite and an upgraded generator that has been in place more than 36 years.

These new additions will make them more competitive evening out the playing field of healthcare.

"If we weren't here the closest hospital would be Dothan, Panama City, Tallahassee for any of the needs of our people and we want to be there for them."

"But also just to provide some of the community support and continue to grow the economic impact for the community. When people come together it's a stronger voice that's really what we're asking for," Katharine Dozier, director of marketing, said.

A voice expecting extra revenue so that it could continue to take care for any Floridian, all day, every day.

Governor Rick Scott is evaluating the budget right now and should could release the final version any day. He has line item veto power, meaning he can cut individual appropriations without scrapping the entire budget.