Jackson Hospital Receives State Funding

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JACKSON COUNTY Jackson Hospital officials are celebrating surviving the Governor's veto pen. The state budget includes an appropriation for a major facilities construction project. The project will help provide better treatment for residents, without having to travel.

Katherine smith is one of many Jackson County residents who e-mailed Governor Rick Scott asking him to fund a major project at Jackson Hospital.

"I just encourage the governor that he should focus on what the community needed,” said Smith. “It’s in a very low area as far as being able to make money and for that purpose if think it’s important that we get all the help we can get."

Monday morning Governor Scott approved the state budget, which includes $11.4 million for the hospital expansion project.

"We had a lot of hope because we've had a lot of feedback from citizens saying they were emailing the governor,” said Jackson Hospital Director of Public Relations Katharine Dozier. “So this was just the last leg and we are grateful to receive the final approval."

The money will go toward expanding the operating room and replacing a 36 year old generator.

"We’re putting it all into those things. The operating room really needs a revamp and we want to generate more services. Hopefully eventually more physicians, etc. This is just really honestly just helping us further achieve our mission which is just to provide exceptional health care to every patient," Dozier explained.

The hospital recently renovated the second and third floor nurses stations.