Jameis Winston Audio Released

Two hours after the accuser left an off campus bar with FSU's quarterback, campus police got a 9-1-1 call.

"And you said she was raped? [Yea] Is that her I hear in the background? [Yea]"

On the other end of the line, a friend of the accuser, Jenna Weisberg. She told investigators this past November of a friend who was reluctant to report what had happened.

"She was like afraid to call the police because she didn't want anybody to be mad at her," said Weisberg.

Two witnesses say the accuser jumped in their cab and immediately went into a room with Jameis Winston. Winston's roommates say he went into the bedroom while the two were having sex.

Ronald Darby watched from outside. "Yea like, she was like get up, she was like get up."

But in her interview with police, Jenna Weisberg said the accuser thought the witnesses were trying to stop Winston.

"Did she describe that like was she saying something or did he physically try and get him to stop? [No he was saying it]."

Another friend of the accuser, Monique Kessler, says she didn't seem drunk.

Marcus Jordan, who supplied the liquor, says it was unusual for the accuser to have left with strangers.

"[Though it's just out of character for her to just let some random guy pick her up and take her home.] Yup, way out of character."

A recording of the accuser’s interview was not released. Doing so says the state might help identify her. That they say would violate Florida's rape shield law.

One witness told investigators she would have remembered more 11 months ago right after the rape allegedly occurred.

Winston is one of six finalists for the Heisman.