Jesse Jackson Supporting Dream Defenders

The crowd of sign carrying protestors was highlighted by another nationally known civil-rights leader Tuesday at the Florida Capitol. The Dream Defenders were joined by Reverend Jesse Jackson.

“We intend to sit-in so justice can standup,” said Rev. Jackson.

Jackson made the decision to go to Tallahassee Monday night.

“We want the governor to have a special session. This is an emergency. People are crying out, people are hurting,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s visit helps kick-off “The People’s Session”, the Mock legislative session is the Dream Defenders version of a special legislative session. The group is trying to highlight what they are calling policies harmful to Florida’s youth.

“Our roles as citizens are not to abide by a governance. It is to step up and take your part in it,” said LaShanett Lorraine.

The Dream Defenders are using events like the special session in Tallahassee to educate state leaders on changes they believe need made.

The group says they will continue to urge state lawmakers and the governor to call a special session of the legislature to address the Stand Your Ground law, racial profiling and the school to prison pipeline. Reverend Jackson says he’ll do what he can to help.

“We’re going to bring in more adults and more ministers and more bishops, more students from around the state to mobilize in Tallahassee,” said Jackson.

As the fight continues for the group; the likelihood of a special session still remains very unlikely.

Reverend Jackson announced he is staying overnight with the Dream Defenders at the Capitol Tuesday.