Jinks Middle School Teacher Wins Final Golden Apple of the School Year

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches Ancient World History at Jinks Middle School in Panama City. Ms. Brown was nominated by student Jerome Foreman who writes: "I think Ms. Brown is a standout teacher. She puts her all into what she does at Jinks and makes sure her students pass. She wants to see the best in her students when they can't see it themselves. Ms. Brown comes everyday and teaches her heart out."

"She gives so much. She gives to the teachers, she gives to the students and she does it with such a cheerful heart," said Jinks Principal Samuel Jackson Jr. For nearly 3 decades Ms. Mary Brown has spent her days here, teaching at Jinks Middle School. Her subject: Ancient World History, a brand new subject for many of her students. "I find that a lot of 5th graders, when they come to middle school, don't have lot of background in ancient cultures and world history. We study Mesopotamia and ancient Greece," said Ms. Brown.

Much has changed in the world of education over the past 29 years. The advancement of technology tops the list. "I use technology, the SMART board, text books and other supplemental materials to keep the students engaged, as well Chris Strategies and Kagan Strategies to keep them moving around," she said.

Students see the effort she puts into each and every lesson. "Ms. Brown is a great teacher. She does a lot for her students, making sure we pass, making sure we go the extra mile. People say World History is hard which it is but she makes it easier for us," said Jerome Foreman, the student who nominated her. "She is really nice and I will miss her next year," said Ines Hinojoze. Not only is she cheering on her students in the classroom, Ms. Brown is the school's actual cheer coach as well. "Go hornets!"

Congratulations to Mary Brown, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I've only had her one year but I really love her," said Antwan Johnson.

This was the last Golden Apple award for the school year. Congratulations to all of this year's winners. And thanks to the students, parents and members of the community who nominated so many deserving and dedicated teachers. You make the Golden Apple possible.