Job Outlook Good for Panhandle

PANAMA CITY-- Scott McDonald was laid off from his government contracted position in Oklahoma following last springs sequestration.

"So whenever I lost my job it was rather intimidating. That's why the immediate move for us was to come back home," said McDonald.

However, bringing his family back to the panhandle did not result in immediate employment.

"I probably applied to hundreds of places over a couple months, to no avail basically," continued Mcdonald.

Kim Bodine has headed the workforce center for 17 years.

"I'd say the last 7 years have been so difficult, so many people have been out of work for so long," said Bodine.

Following 20 years of military service, Roderick Hills also found himself wondering where his family's would get its next meal.

"There is a huge bit of nerves, because you don't know what to expect when your money actually does run out," said Hills.

Fortunately the worst of the job market may be behind us.
The workforce center helped find both Mcdonald and Hills well-paying careers.

"The long term, consistent, permanent jobs that pay good wages, that require skilled workers. When those are coming back, that's when we feel we are turning a corner," said Bodine.