Jonathan Montgomery Exonerated After Rape Conviction

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Jonathan Montgomery was exonerated on December 20th this year and is now home with his father in North Carolina.

"He has been just a very trooper through it all," said Mishia Woodruff, Jonathan's mother.

Montgomery captured the nation's attention back in 2007, when he was arrested for allegedly raping a woman.
He was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to 7 and a half years after a jury found him guilty of rape.

His mother, Mishia Woodruff, a bay district school employee recalls those years.

"My main concern with all of this, when he was convicted was that he would lose his sense of humor. That he would lose that little spark."

But in November of 2012, after serving 4 years in the Greensville correctional facility, he was released after the victim recanted.

"I didn't believe it then. So we've never believed he could commit such a disgusting crime."

Woodruff says this journey is not ending any time soon.

"There will always be a black shadow. Once your name gets on those registries. It's hard to have it taken off."

She says he has sent over 150 job applications but has not had any luck.

"What was perceived as a small lie has ruined someone's life so bad."

Montgomery is on probation and if he wants to cross county lines, he needs permission.