Joseph Moody Trial: Day 2

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PANAMA CITY -- It was a riveting testimony Wednesday in the Joseph Moody murder trial. The prosecution rested Wednesday morning and Moody took the stand in his own defense.

At first Moody was composed but when the state began its cross-examination, Moody quickly broke down.

By midday Wednesday, prosecutor Bob Sombathy had called all of his witnesses in the first degree murder trial of 42-year-old Joseph Moody and rested his case. Then it was the defense's turn.

"What you are going to hear now is going to be the rest of the story,” said Defense Attorney Jean Marie Downing.

The defense called the defendant himself to the stand.

Joseph Moody is accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend 24-year old Megan Pettis in March 2013, in the parking lot of a West 23rd Street shopping center.

Jurors have heard a variety of testimony, including Moody's own statements immediately after the shooting.

Moody said, "All I could think about was Megan, Megan, Megan. And I just really wanted her back and I just wanted Megan back. I just don't know why...I think it's... I just ....”

Moody testified he was distraught when Megan Pettis broke up with him. He claims he wanted to end his life.

Defendant Joseph Moody said, "It ended abruptly I was having some issues that come from. I was having mental issues."

The defense is hoping Moody's mental state will keep him out of prison for life.

But during cross-examination Sombathy uses Moody's own statements after the shooting, to sway jurors the other way.

"It ain't what I intended to happen. Did it happen? Yes,” said Moody.

"Let me ask you this. How do you get from, 'I'm just gonna go back to my truck and go to Chili's' to running Megan Pettis down, shooting nine times into her car? How do you get from, 'I want to go to chili's' to that?" Asked Sombathy.

"I don't know,” Moody said.
"Was this an accident Mr. Moody?"
(Long pause)

The defense planned to call four more witnesses. Closing arguments should take place tomorrow, with the jury most likely getting the case tomorrow afternoon.

Remember, Moody turned down a second degree murder plea with a life sentence. The state is not seeking the death penalty.