Judge Denies Bond to Frequent Jail Inmate

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PANAMA CITY-- A Bay County Man who was arrested just hours after he bailed out of jail Thursday, appeared before a judge Friday afternoon.

County Judge Joe Grammer ordered Randall Holley held without bond on a number of charges involving an incident with his wife.

That's the same reason he was jailed earlier this month.

Friday afternoon's bond hearing was just the latest of several this month for 39 year old Randall Holley.

In fact, local authorities say he's had a busy March.

It began on March 5th, when Holley allegedly got into a fight with his wife.

Investigators say her boyfriend shot Holley in the backside with a 12 gauge shotgun, so he left the scene.

That set off a 24 hour manhunt that ended with his arrest in the Steelfield community.

"He actually committed battery on a law enforcement officer when they were trying to take him into custody. He was jailed on those charges," Bay County Sheriff's Office's Major Tommy Ford said.

Holley went from the Bay County Jail, to the Escambia County Jail and finally the Washington County Jail.

After Holley posted bail Thursday, his wife picked him up, but she claims they got into a fight on the drive home.

"My wife's seen the judge up there and told him it was all a misunderstanding," defendant Randall Holley said. "She wanted to have contact with me. She was with me and she got mad because I would not go with her from the Washington County jail, that I told her I didn't want to be with her anymore, that I was over with it and I couldn't be around her with her drugs and she said, 'Well, I'll see about that.'"

The wife dropped off Holley at a Springfield home, but says Holley followed her to Southport.

"He got out of the friend's truck, got in the bed of the truck that she was driving, and picked up a water pump that was in the bed of the truck and threw that through the back window," Ford said.

The glass cut the wife's head.

Deputies arrested Holley on MLK Boulevard and took him back to jail.

Friday, Holley made his case for his release.

"I have four kids I am supporting and taking care of and I got my own business," Holley said. "I'd be willing to wear my ankle monitor, pay for it, just so you'll know that I'm not around this person."

But County Judge Joe Grammar didn't buy it, ordered Holley held without bond.

Holley could face up to 15 years in prison and a 10,000 dollar fine.