Junior League Teaches Kids about Proper Dental Hygiene

A local service organization is trying to teach children a lesson that will hopefully last a lifetime.
Members of the Junior League of Panama City spent Thursday afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club of Bay Bounty, presenting "Project Toothbrush".
The Junior Leaguers taught the kids about proper dental care, using games, they also handed out goody bags, filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste and other oral hygiene items.
The big message is "take care of your teeth now, and they will take care of you later."
"We just want to reach out to the children that aren't able to go to the dentist and they need the lesson on how to brush their teeth," said Monica Cramer, with the 2013 spring junior league class.
They also gave the Boys and Girls Club some children's books about going to the dentist.