Junior Marvin Plays Aboard Solaris

SANDESTIN-- "I came from a music family and my grand aunt was a teacher of piano in Jamaica. She made sure everyone in the family could play piano before we could talk," Junior Marvin said.

And he played with the biggest name in reggae - Bob Marley

"It was pretty awesome, my first album was Exodus that was voted CD of the 20th century by Time Magazine, so I am really honored, I consider myself privileged to be among such great musicians and a great artist like Bob Marley who wrote so many great songs."

He's still making music every chance he gets

"I have an album that just came out uh, late last year called "Smoking To The Big M - music. When I say smoking I'm talking about smoking guitar, you know, ha ha ha!"

For Junior Marvin, reggae music has a central theme.

"I love the fact that its bringing all people together, no matter what color or creed, you know. And the basic foundation is one love."

I can't say it any better than Junior Marvin himself - one love.