Junior Robotics Expo Shows off 5th Graders

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Some of Bay County's tech-savviest fifth graders gathered at Cedar Grove Elementary today for a Junior Robotics Expo. Students from six different elementary schools competed in teams against each other for one grand prize. Each team was challenged to make a robot, program it, and then enter it into a drag race. It's part of an attempt to broaden early exposure to technology, but for some it has meant even more.

5th grade student at Cedar Grove, EJ Latoja, said, "I saw some great robots that's good at race and we think they're going to beat us."

Despite EJ's humble outlook, his team's robot did win today's event. His father, Andrew McBrayer, says today is the first time he's seen the finished project, but the past few months have been proof enough of the project's success.

Brayer says, "He seems more excited about going to school. Hardly ever have to wake him up to get dressed and get ready to go. He wakes me up for work actually."

This is the second year the Junior Robotics Expo was held. Math and science teachers from all the participating schools say they're excited to keep hosting the event.